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'A Visual Discussion' by Bartram O'Neill 2012 photograph by Rebecca Gamble.

'A Visual Discussion' by Bartram O'Neill 2012 photograph by Rebecca Gamble.

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In Dialogue 2014

Collaborative Event

02 Oct 2014 - 04 Oct 2014

In Dialogue is an international symposium which interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in their practice. Taking place over three days and incorporating presentations, performances and workshops, it will begin at Nottingham Contemporary and continue off-site at Backlit and Primary.  Delegates are also considered to be participants, contributing to an ongoing exchange.

Guest speakers include Grant H. Kester, Gary Anderson (The Institute for the Art & Practice of Dissent at Home), Fucking Good Art, Janna Graham (The Centre for Possible Studies) Rachel Marsden, John Newling, and Lorena Rivero de Beer.


Selected artists include Frank AbbottamaCollective (UK, Italy and Peru/USA), Gabriella Aragoni, BartramO’NeillIsabel Becker (Germany), Sophie BushKen Byers,  Tom Estes (UK and USA), Figure GroundRachel Gomme(h)edge kelectiveDan Hunt & Selina MosinskiMonika Jaeckel (Germany), Howard Lotker (Prague), Mary Loveday-Edwards, NoNSafegroundSuvi Nurmi and Saara Honkanen (Finland), Emma O’ConnorHester Reeve & Helen BlejermanBruno Santos (Brazil/Portugal), Anthony SchragRajni Shah and Karen Christopher (in collaboration with Dance 4), Aria Spinelli, Fern Smith, Jane Trowell & Phillip Ralph, Dr Bambo Soyinka, Kate StobbartCally TrenchArlene Tucker (Finland) & Alejandra Pineda Silva (Columbia), Karen Wood and Sally Morfill.

Please note that Bartram and O'Neill performance contains explicit language.

The event will be chaired by Dr Gillian Whiteley (Senior Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies, Loughborough University).

Michael Pinchbeck will collate observations made over the four days and facilitate a discussion on Sunday morning.

In Dialogue 2014 is co-curated by Rebecca Beinart, Heather Connelly, and Rhiannon Jones.