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Deli Quartet

Deli Quartet

Events - Live

Deli Quartet

at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary

09 Apr 2011

8pm, Entrance Free

‘Deli’ is a unique combination of four very different musicians – their connection will take you on a spirit-lifting journey of musical surprises for audience and band alike.

Bringing together these creative forces, the quartet produce a sound moving from spacious and mellow, to all-out raw energy.

Deli’s repertoire of mainly original music pulls on such greats as Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Abdullah Ibrahim, Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman, Pharoah Sanders and with more than a passing nod to the grooves of the leftfield party scene. The ‘rules’ are not always followed and consequently musical boundaries are stretched to delightful consequence. Free the mind for a magical mystical journey, from melancholia to pure joy.


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