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Deep Sea Extravaganza

Deep Sea Extravaganza

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Deep Sea Extravaganza

In The Octopus’s Garden

31 Aug 2013 - 01 Sep 2013

Sat 31 August & Sun 1 September
11am – 3pm
The Space

Join us in the watery deep of our huge Space for the finale of the summer school holidays. Create your own Aquatopia by working together to build an underwater kingdom. Then make your own rules for the city you've created.

Look out for our friendly Octopus, who’ll be joining our legendary Zebra this summer. We’ll be having lots of fun here – whatever the weather.

It’s a lovely idea– please keep the sessions coming! The activites help the children be creative– whilst encouraging them to think.
It’s also inspirational for parents too
.” Family visitor

Borrow a Bag Every day during the exhibition. Free, Available from Reception


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