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Film still, Cleaning the Parliament, 2011 © DAAR

Film still, Cleaning the Parliament, 2011 © DAAR

Events - Talks

Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency (DAAR)

A Common Assembly

28 Jan 2012

10.30am – 6pm. Free, Gallery 2

With DAAR, Rasha Salti, Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri (16 Beaver Group), Sari Hanafi, Lieven De Cauter, Lorenzo Pezzani, Nishat Awan, Berlage Studio A one day seminar within DAAR’s reconstruction of the Palestinian Parliament, A Common Assembly will consider the new nature of political action and association, against the background of current collective protest in the Middle East and around the world. The term Common Assembly describes a radical form of political participation, revolutionary protest and collective action - from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, St Paul’s Cathedral - and Nottingham’s Market Square. These forums have changed the meaning of the words common, assembly and occupation. Artists Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri organise the 16 Beaver Group, an influential artist community and discussion forum in New York. Rasha Salti is an independent curator and freelance writer from Beirut who has written extensively about art, film and politics in the Middle East. Sari Hanafi is Associate Professor of Sociology at the American University of Beirut and editor of Idafat: the Arab Journal of Sociology. Lieven De Cauter is a philosopher, art historian, writer, and activist who teaches Philosophy of Culture in Leuven, Brussels, and Rotterdam and writes on contemporary art and architecture. Berlage Studio are a group of students who work closely with DAAR and are based at Berlage Institute. They will be presenting on a new project on the returns to Jaffa-Tel Aviv. Running order of the day: 10:30: Introduction: DAAR 11.10: Session One: The Public, The Private, The Common Lorenzo Pezzani 11:30: Nishat Awan 11:50: The Berlage Studio - Returns to Jaffa / Tel Aviv 12:10: Discussion 12:45: Lunch Break 1.45: Session Two: Refugees, State, Representation Sari Hanafi - An Extraterritorial Nation-State 2:15: Rasha Salti - Imagining the Revolution, Representing Palestininas: Palestinian Poster Art and the International Exhibition solidarity with Palestine 2:45: Discussion 3:45: Coffee Break 4.15: Session Three: Citizenship, Revolts, Occupation: Lieven De Cauter - The Place of the Common: Revisiting Heterotopiafrom the perspective of the Commons 4:45: Rene Gabri and Ayreen Anastas - The Base of the Air is Common 5:15: Discussion and Conclusions



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