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British Art Show 7, Critics' Circle

British Art Show 7, Critics' Circle

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Gilda Williams, JJ Charlesworth, Sam Thorne

Audio Archived Online

24 Nov 2010

Gilda Williams, JJ Charlesworth and Sam Thorne discuss what they might write about British Art Show 7 and examine the reviews of the exhibition in a What The Papers Say style. They will take a long look at the 35 year history of the BAS, relating it to other recurring exhibition formats. Gilda Williams is London correspondent of Artforum and a lecturer on the MA Curating Programme at Goldsmiths, JJ Charlesworth is associate editor of ArtReview magazine and Sam Thorne is associate editor of Frieze magazine.

The Space 7pm - 8.30pm

Listen to audio of the event here (39.6MB)


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