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Nottingham Contemporary © Helene Binet

Nottingham Contemporary © Helene Binet

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Architecture in Conversation

Conversation with Adam Caruso

04 Oct 2018

The series 'Architecture in Conversation' questions what are the current debates in architecture planning and its social functions. Our guest speakers will explore contemporary debates in architecture linked to both our shows. Through different approaches, both exhibitions pose questions about the current role of architecture in neoliberal cities, as well as the role of spatial practices in imagining new sociabilities.
Adam Caruso, one of the architects of our building, is back to present his reflections ten years on. Caruso will also be talking about Trix & Robert Haussmann’s work and his design for the exhibition space. For this conversation Adam Caruso will be joined by Luke Jones and George Gingell from About Buildings + Cities.
Free. Booking required.
Downstairs in The Space
Speakers' Bios:
Adam Caruso studied architecture at McGill University in Montreal. He worked for Florian Beigel and Arup Associates before establishing his own practice with Peter St John in 1990. He taught at the University of North London from 1990-2000, and was Professor of Architecture at the University of Bath from 2002-2005. He has been Visiting Professor at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, at the ETH Zurich, and on the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics. In 2011 Adam Caruso was appointed Professor of Architecture and Construction at the ETH Zurich.
Caruso St John were selected to design Nottingham’s new Centre for Contemporary Art (now known as Nottingham Contemporary) through an international competition in 2004. The artistic ambition of the project, encompassing object based visual art and time based performance art, has its origins in the artist run spaces of down town New York in the late 1960s, and in the work of artists like Gordon Matta Clark and Trisha Brown, whose work was directly engaged with the spaces of the city. The site for the new building is in a part of central Nottingham called the Lace Market, whose history and built form has parallels with the cast iron district of New York, giving the Centre a loose cultural connection to its site. In our design, we set out to offer a wide range of interiors that will have the variety and specificity of the found spaces of a factory or warehouse, within a new building: rooms that will challenge the installation and production of contemporary art and offer new ways for performers and audiences to interact.The exterior of the Centre takes its inspiration from the amazing 19th century buildings of Nottingham, and in particular, from the impressive façades of the Lace Market.
About Buildings + Cities s is a podcast exploring architectural history, theory, space and urbanism, from the distant past to the dimly imagined future, as well as the technology, film, and literature of place and society. Luke Jones and George Gingell studied architecture together at London Metropolitan University, where Luke is now a senior lecturer at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design.