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Travis Alabanza, Paper Magazine. Photography by Eivind Hansen. Makeup by Umber Ghauri

CN Lester

CN Lester

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Contemporary Questions

Gender Identity

19 Jul 2018

Join philosophers, writers, artists and activists from across the country for a collaborative discussion exploring issues that are at the forefront of contemporary social debates: gender identity, and race and racism. These two panels pose questions to how we live together; what counts as an answer; and who gets to decide? 
The first panel on this Contemporary Questions series is on Gender Identity. The idea of gender identity is fast making its way into public awareness. But what exactly does having a gender identity involve? Does everyone have one? And what role should it play in society? 
Join Katharine Jenkins, CN Lester, Maria Munir and Onni Gust in conversation.
Please note that, as with all events at Nottingham Contemporary, we welcome everyone, and the diversity of the viewpoints people bring. We encourage participation and debate; however we expect our audiences to be respectful and sensitive to what other people say.
Nottingham Contemporary is wheelchair accessible, and sign language interpreters have been arranged for both panels. Please contact us for more details or to discuss any additional requirements.
Free. Booking required
The Space
In collaboration with the University of Nottingham and Royal Institute of Philosophy
About the Panellists:
Katharine Jenkins is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Nottingham. Her work focuses on the nature of social categories such as gender and race: what they are, how they are created, and how they can be changed. She has published articles on feminism, trans rights, and sexuality, and is especially interested in what gender identity is and how it fits into struggles to end all forms of gender-based oppression. She also works with organizations in Nottingham to improve public understanding of sexual consent and to reduce sexual violence.
CN Lester is a musician, writer and LGBTI/feminist activist. Author of Trans Like Me: A Journey for All of Us (Virago/Seal), Lester works on an international basis as a transgender educator. An alternative singer-songwriter as well as a classical performer, researcher, and composer, they have a particular interest in breaking down genre boundaries and promoting music makers outside of the canon. Curator of arts event Transpose.
Maria Munir is an award-winning public speaker and activist, who uses the pronouns they/them. They were shortlisted for Liberty’s Christine Jackson Award, and were selected as one of BBC 100 Women’s Girls’ Champions. Featuring on Buzzfeed’s list of top LGBT Brits, Maria called out President Obama face-to-face on discriminatory bathroom laws in America to international recognition, and has continued to speak at organisations such as Stonewall, Amnesty International, and Women of the World Festival. Find them on Twitter at @Maria_Munir, or visit their Facebook page and YouTube Channel (mariaaskswhy).
Onni Gust is Assistant Professor of History and Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) at the University of Nottingham.  Their research and teaching focuses on the British Empire in the 'long' eighteenth century.  Bringing insights from feminist, queer and post-colonial theory, they think historically about identity formation in relationship to imperial space, and the role of new forms of racism, sexism and ableism in shaping identity.  Onni is also a member of the trans community, and works with Notts Trans Hub and Trans Space Notts to build safer spaces for transgender people in Nottingham.