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Photo: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad

Photo: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad

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The City Questions Summer School

Who listens?

18 Aug 2016

The City Questions Summer School takes form as a series of workshops, facilitated by designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, that will explore questions like who participates in shaping our city and how are these processes generated. 

Who listens?

For this session we will walk to Sneinton Market to talk to the traders association and main campaigners against the regeneration plan. Then off to the renewal trust where Steve Smith, Senior Community Organiser of Sneinton Alchemy, will do a presentation in relation to redevelopment and we will participate in an engagement except use he has developed

Steve Smith is Senior Community Organiser and a Director of Sneinton Alchemy. Community Organising involves empowering communties to to act on things dear to them. The role of a community organiser is to help residents, groups, associations and businesses in their area to develop their power to act together for the common good and take action to tackle local issues which are important to them. Until August 2012 Steve was the Manager of the Greenway Community and Training Centre which is a local charity that serves the community of Sneinton.

Sneinton Alchemy is a CIC (Community Interest Company) run by locals that works for the benefit of the community, to improve the neighbourhood and support local enterprise. 

Meeting at Nottingham Contemporary’s front desk, we will then walk to Sneinton, where the session will begin.

Free, 5 – 8pm 


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