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Benvenuto Chavajay, sin titulo, 2012. Courtesy of the artist.

Benvenuto Chavajay, sin titulo, 2012. Courtesy of the artist.

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New Institutionalities #1

Coloniality and politics of display

20 Jun 2017


PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled and postponed until further notice. Please watch this space for a future release date.


If museums represent one of the most effective technology through which modernity and coloniality are constituted, what is the potential of epistemodiversity to transform research methodologies and art institutions?

A conversation with Clémentine Deliss and David Dibosa, chaired by María Iñigo Clavo.

Recently the West acknowledged how museums very often are good documents of “coloniality”, leading to an important institutional identity crisis that demanded initiating a process of its reconceptualization, developing new strategies of display to promote horizontal relationships with the non-western cultures that are "represented".

The aim of this discussion is to explore the potential of contemporary art to critically interrupt the colonialist nature of its displays and historical narration that overcome colonial power relationships. Contemporary art is a nomad way of thinking that transit between different disciplines and epistemologies, as a catalyst for new creative interconnections. The curatorial tactic of mixing objects from different social spheres very often makes visible the nature of (power) relationships between means of production, disciplines, spheres of knowledge, politics and diverse cultures. This conversation between cultures and times requires the creation of a new dialogues between cosmologies and new agents of history where the main challenge is to avoid understanding then as an object of study but as a place of utterance instead. Facing a recent necessity to rethink the history of Modernity through curating, what strategies could be used to develop new museologies and new historiacal narratives?


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