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Still from Otolith l ©The Otolith Group 2010, London

Still from Otolith l ©The Otolith Group 2010, London

Events - Talks

British Art Show 7 Screenings

Otolith Group

20 Nov 2010 - 08 Jan 2011

Otolith Group, Screening of Otolith 1 - 3
5pm - 8pm, The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, free.

Shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize, The Otolith Group is named after the parts of the inner ear that give a sense of balance. The Otolith Trilogy roams between documentary and fiction, social engagement and the luxury of visual pleasure that cinema offers. Introduction to the film screening from Lisa LeFeuvre and Tom Morton, Curators of British Art Show 7. Book Now »

Future Screenings

Luke Fowler, Screening of A Grammar for Listening, Parts 1 - 3 Sat 8 January, 2pm, Nottingham Castle

In film, sound is usually incidental; an accompaniment for visual images. Luke Fowler reverses that equation: in A Grammar for Listening (Parts 1- 3) the subject is sound. Collaborating with sound artist Lee Patterson, whose environmental recordings capture sounds that are usually unheard: recordings of underwater life, the pulsations of neon lights and the explosions of burning walnuts to produce a dialogue between looking and listening.


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