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Poetry Marathon, 2009  Performed as part of ‘Park Nights’ Courtesy the Serpentine Gallery Photo: Mark Blower

Poetry Marathon, 2009 Performed as part of ‘Park Nights’ Courtesy the Serpentine Gallery Photo: Mark Blower

Events - Talks

British Art Show 7 Performance

20 Nov 2010 - 08 Jan 2011

Olivia Plender, The Lost Works of Johan Riding
Sat 20 November, 2pm - 3pm, Nottingham Contemporary, free.

Performance with Craig Burnett and Nick Santos-Pedro. Booking required.
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Sue Tompkins, Hallo Welcome to Keith Street
Sat 11 December, 3pm, Nottingham Castle

Using rhythm and repetition, layering, juxtaposition, inversion, elaboration, stresses and pauses, Sue Tompkins's dynamic spoken-word performances re-energise language and give it new meaning. Her material - amounting to hundreds of pages of meticulously ordered and edited texts - is gathered omnivorously from literature and everyday life. Apart from the ring-binder containing her texts, her only other accompaniments are a stool (on which to prop her file) and a microphone. Free entry to Nottingham Castle between 2.30pm and 3pm to attend this event.

Steve Claydon, Over the sun (forward-facing lemon-yellow eyes)
Sat 8 January, 3pm, Nottingham Castle

Steven Claydon's sculptures, films, performances, paintings and drawings examine the idea of cultural history as a construction. For his performance in Nottingham, Claydon takes his cue from a painting from the Castle Museum and Art Gallery's collection, William Benner's After the Blitz, near Trivett's Works from Cliff Road, Nottingham.

Tris Vonna-Michell, Balustrade
Sat 8 January, 5pm, Nottingham Contemporary, free.

Tris Vonna-Michell's performances are rapid-fire monologues delivered in dimly lit mixed-media installations. His narratives fuse elements from his personal life with history and fiction, and finally probe the limits that separate these categories. Under time pressure as the artist sets a clock running to perform to, the stream-of-consciousness digressions that blend almost seamlessly into his percussive stories often drive them to near incomprehensibility.
Spaces are limited, booking required. Free.

Please contact the venues directly for booking information
Nottingham Contemporary - 0115 948 9750
Nottingham Castle - 0115 915 3700