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British Art Show 7 Performance: Olivia Plender

British Art Show 7 Performance: Olivia Plender

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British Art Show 7 Performance: Olivia Plender

The Lost Works of Johan Riding

20 Nov 2010

Much of Olivia Plender’s work is grounded in historical research. In drawings, graphic novels, videos, performances and installations, she has examined 19th- and early 20th-century spiritualist and social reform movements, and the British Empire Exhibition of 1924. She is interested in exposing ‘the ideological framework around the narration of history’ and how this impacts on present-day politics and culture.

In Nottingham Contemporary, Plender will present a performance, ‘The Lost Works of Johan Riding', Dr Roger Quallen, Olivia Plender and Craig Burnett will introduce the little-known filmmaker Johan Riding. Dr Quallen will read from his upcoming study of Riding to provide some background about his life and work. Quallen, Plender and Burnett will then present some of the material - drawings, photos and possibly a film clip - that they have uncovered while researching his first three films: The Lost Clown, Mr Slidly Joins the Team and Out of Wack.

The Space, 2pm - 3pm. Free.


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