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Sophiel Aurora. Image courtesy the artist

Sophiel Aurora. Image courtesy the artist

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04 Mar 2014

A New Performance by Sophiel Aurora (aka Sophie Lisa Beresford)
Sophiel Aurora beams in from Star Alcyone, where she lives and works parallel to her Human life as a Geordie/Mackem Raver. Using Physical Earth Science to bridge the gap between what seems fantastical with what is real, she and her kin offer new ways to use art to uplift and reboot the consciousness of the human species into a state of ease and unconditional love.
Spontaneous, affirmative, euphoric, Beresford’s work has been described as a heady combination of new-age religion, DIY self-help and Charva culture. 
Live Broadcast Online 
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Free, The Space 
Call to Assembly
Sophiel Aurora will lead an Intimate Spirit-Nourishing Primary School Assembly with an Alchemical Twist on Wednesday 5th March at PRIMARY. This will be particularly beneficial to those who identify as Artists. If you would like to attend please register here Places are limited. 




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