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Art, Activism, Race and Social Justice

From 1976 to today

16 Feb 2017

An evening discussion with artists and community activists, examining the role of art and culture at key moments in the struggle for racial justice in Britain.

The Black writer and activist, John la Rose once commented that for Black and Asian people, "we experience things culturally and politically, for us art and culture is not decoration, art came from a certain type of historical experience, art and cultural helps to dream to change the world."

In this event we will be exploring the history of Black and Asian activism in this country over the past century, and thinking about lessons for the future. The speakers will be exploring the history of Black activism in the UK and its relationship with black artists, how we can use archival material from past activism for art projects now, plus current issues around racism now.

With Poulomi Desai and Suresh Grover, chaired by Jagdish Patel. The will also be a poetry reading from local poet Panya Banjoko.


6.30pm – Introduction by Panya Banjoko

Historical overview of black activism and how it interacts with art by Jagdish Patel

The Grunwck “We are lions” exhibition and using archival material for exhibitions by Poulomi Desai

Current issues around tackling racism and Brexit by Suresh Grover

Poetry reading by Panya Banjoko


8.30pm – Approximate ending time



Free, The Space


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