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The Deviant Majority (From Basaglia to Brazil) 2010 © Dora García, 2010

The Deviant Majority (From Basaglia to Brazil) 2010 © Dora García, 2010

Events - Talks

Anti-Psychiatry and its Legacies

Part I

12 Feb 2013


6 - 9pm


The Space

6pm Dora Garcia The Deviant Majority, From Basaglia to Brazil (2010, 34’)

Garcia’s film forms part of her ongoing investigation of the political potential of marginal positions. It is structured around encounters with three organisations: Accademia della Follia (Academy of Madness), the Trieste Psychiatric Hospital’s theatre company; Carmen Roll, a former member of the German Socialist Patients’ Collective; and the Freaked on the Scene Theatre of the Oppressed, Rio de Janeiro.

7pm Panel Discussion

Panel discussion, with contributions from John Foot, Professor of Modern Italian History, UCL. Foot is currently leading a project focused on Basaglia and the closure of mental asylums in Italy. David Reggio, Kingston University/Universidade Comunitária da Região de Chapecó. Reggio has worked within institutional psychiatry at the renowned La Borde clinic and with the anti-psychiatry movement in Brazil. Howard Caygill, Professor Of Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. Caygill’s research interests include philosophy and psychiatry as well as contemporary European philosophy, ethics and theories of resistance.


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Added Tuesday, 12 February, 2013
I would like to congratulate the organizers for really interesting discussion with different perspectives on mental health and psychiatric reform in the world. I would like to congratulate Professor. By David Reggio talks about his experience in Brazil, he really expressed our progress and our difficulties .. this event is critical for us to discuss and increasingly globally on mental health and the necessary improvements to the quality of life patients whether or not this area.
Denize Cenci