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Piero Gilardi, Molinette hospital against medical tickets, 1985

Piero Gilardi, Molinette hospital against medical tickets, 1985

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Anti-Psychiatry and its Legacies

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12 Feb 2013 - 13 Feb 2013

Piero Gilardi’s work with marginalised communities, including those confined to mental hospitals, was influenced by Italian psychiatrist Franco Basaglia (1924-80).  Alongside Michel Foucault, R.D. Laing, Felix Guattari and Thomas Szasz, Basaglia contributed to the diverse foundations of radical anti-psychiatry and de-institutionalisation movements; he argued that all asylums should be replaced by open therapeutic communities, a controversial position which provoked both mental health reform and inspired socially-activist approaches to artistic practice. Over two evenings, a programme of screenings and discussions focuses on different national contexts involved in the development of Anti-Psychiatry and questions its status as an interdisciplinary critical legacy bridging philosophy with creative and clinical practice. This is then followed later in the programme by talk by artist and activist the vacuum cleaner. 

Part I Tuesday 12 February, 6 - 9pm: 

Part II Wednesday 13 February, 6 - 9pm: 


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