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Events - Live

Alien Radio

An evening of cosmic music inspired by the life and works of Sun Ra

24 Oct 2015

Detroit Techno, Afrofuturist Funk, Motown and Jazz:

Alien Radio

An evening of Detroit Techno, art and film, inspired by the life and works of Sun RA (curated by Simon Raven)

In the 1950’s jazz musician Sun Ra radically identified himself as being from Saturn, perhaps as a response to processes of marginalisation on Earth. ‘Alien Radio’ is an event that considers the legacy and influence of Sun Ra’s music and 'cosmic philosophy’ on a diverse group of contemporary musicians and artists.

The Space at Nottingham Contemporary will be transformed into an immersive installation by artists Candice Jacobs and Rebecca Ounstead, drawing from research into the rare cosmic triangle that will take place between Venus, Jupiter and Mars between 23-25 October 2015. 

8pm - 2am: A 'Funktion One' sound-system will compliment DJ sets by Detroit Techno stars Keith Tucker (DJ K-1, AUX88) and Dj Stingray 313 (Drexciya) with support from Vendel (Islington Mill, Manchester)

Detroit Techno combines an eclectic range of influences, from 1970s Funk to Kraftwerk and classical compositions. Syncopated rhythms are emotive of a machine-like consciousness and a mental imagery of solipsism, urban alienation and decay. This is often expressed, masked or sublimated through metaphors of high technology, science fiction and space travel, conveyed through affected analogue synthesiser timbres, harking back to Kraftwerk's description of their music: “Electronic blues made with a jazz improvisation technique.”

7.30 - 8pm: Disabled Avant Garde (DAG) presents a new performance, 'Holy Bibles Batman! The DAG are gonna take on the Arkestra!', reinterpreting the classic 1960’s Batman theme tune (after Sun RA)

The Disabled Avant Garde (Aaron Willimason & Katherine Araniello) makes humorous, provocative performances that challenge representations of ability/disability, the accepted and the alien in contemporary art. Having presented unique commissions at Tate Modern, Gasworks and the Cultural Olympiad, their work is at the cutting edge of Disability Arts.

5pm - 7pm: Film Screenings:

'A Time to Break Silence', by Edgar Arceneaux & Underground Resistance. 

'Portrait of an Electronic Band', UK Premier of a documentary about AUX88. 

Followed by a live Q&A with Keith Tucker, DJ Stingray and Patrick Henderson (seating for film screenings is limited, so will be allocated on a first come first serve basis)


Simon Raven reads from ‘The Mental Machine’, a book of poetry by Electrifying Mojo, founder of Detroit's ‘Midnight Funk Association’ radio show. A new video work overlays footage of Downtown Detroit's 'People Mover' monorail with cosmic imagery.

Roaming performances on an alien theme by Abi Hubbard, Jenna Finch, Jack Catling, Kate Mahony.

Expansion Pack (Alex Wallis & Stephen Mills) will make a 3D print of your head, just in time for Xmas.

Truth & Lies DJ in The Bar.

The Space, £5/£2 concessions



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