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Layer 3

Layer 3

Kim Bormann

Kim Bormann

Events - Live

Naplew Productions Presents: Layer Three

An evening of contemporary dance

29 Jul 2017

Choreographed by

Kim Bormann / Sarah Butler / Kieran Shannon

Music by Marley Butler


Layer Three is a contemporary dance exploration of how we become more truly human.

As time passes, our experiences create new layers. This process is intimately associated with our growth and development but, sometimes, the new layers squeeze the layers beneath, suffocating them and preventing a truly liberating integration of our whole being.

How would life be, if we could clealry orient ourselves among all of the layers and give each of them the room to breathe? If we could awaken all of the layers within us and include them in the ever changing, new, now, version of ourselves?

It is this question that we seek to explore and answer through movement and music.


The Space, Nottingham Contemporary

Doors from 7:30pm

Performance Starts at 8pm

£10 advance, £7 Concessions


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