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Image courtesy Jagdish Patel/Monitoring Group

Image courtesy Jagdish Patel/Monitoring Group

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2019: Re-Imagining Brexit Britain

Reflections on the past, present and future

09 Nov 2017

The vote to leave the European Union in June 2016 touched upon some of big themes about the future of the Britain as a nation state. Issues such as the backlash to globalization, inequality, the growing divide between cities and rural areas, identity, and blaming of migrants in the UK led to a rise in reported racism and hate crimes nationally in all areas- rural, suburban and urban since the Referendum vote. The increase in reported hate crime in Nottingham in the three months after the Referendum vote was the second highest of anywhere in England and Wales.
What are the lessons we can learn from the past? Can we re-imagine a more equal and inclusive Britain? What should we do practically to make sure that after 2019 people living here do not face increased racist violence.
Join us to think about these issues and listen to local people working to create an infrastructure challenges the growth of racism and xenophobia, and working to make a positive shift in the narrative on migration and racism.
Free. The Space 

The event is part of the Monitoring Group’s Communities of Resistance project. 


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