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Thursday, 20 September 2018
Doodles of Contemporary
Lewie Litchfield

It’s #DoodleDay, so we’ve caught up with some of the members of the Nottingham Contemporary staff to see what they’ve been doodling.

Craig David Parr - Gallery Assistant
Instagram: @c_r_a_i_g_d_a_v_i_d_p_a_r_r_

Craig is part of our lovely Gallery Assistants team and often doodles in his spare time, creating strange landscapes and peculiar characters.

“I’m drawing again! It’s taken three years to shake off the psychological stranglehold from art school that makes you think there needs to be a reason behind doing something you once enjoyed.”

Laura-Jade Vaughan - Marketing Manager

Doodling comes in all shapes and formations, and LJ’s doodle takes the form of a code that had many of us in the office a little confused at first.

It turns out that this doodle is called ‘labanotation’, which is a notation system for recording any recalling bodily movements – used in choreography – and our LJ uses this system to help choreograph her pole routines. Clever, ay?

Andy Batson - Head of Audiences & Partnerships

Our Head of Audiences, Andy Batson, wanted to join in the fun on #DoodleDay too. Andy has gone for a pen drawing of our building, embellished with a tram, corner-sun, copy of LeftLion magazine, and a dialogue between father and son.

Andy, aged 36, calls this particular masterpiece ‘High Pavement’.


Effy Harle - Curatorial Assistant
Instagram: @Effy_Harlequin

Our super-cool, Curatorial Assistant and Gallery Technician Effy Harle has dug out a more technical drawing from her folders to share…

“I think I was sketching something out for a Manual Labours project I was working on. I guess it’s not like a ‘free doodle’ but more like a functional drawing for me to remember how this object is going to come together; looking at surface measurements for a mobile kitchen unit.”

Lewie Litchfield - Me!
IG & Twitter: @LewieGLitch

Writing this blog, I couldn’t miss my opportunity to show off a doodle of my own. I’ve recently been trying to make more time to doodle, and I’ve found that I can make the most out of my tedious travel to and from work by sketching.

Similar to Craig, I’m also trying to rekindle my passion and skill for drawing, without the need for reason. So please enjoy my digital doodle of a can of Carling and lilies as much as I enjoyed drawing it on the Indigo home.


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