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Thursday, 12 September 2013
Diver Dan Dives Under
Alice Thickett & Charlie Walton
Earlier this year, Charlie Walton  (17) designed and made an animation based on the themes of the Aquatopia exhibition. Alice Thickett (youth programmer) chats creativity and learning new skills with this interesting young lady.
Alice Thickett: Why did you get involved with the animation workshops at Nottingham Contemporary?
Charlie Watson: Well I have always had an interest in ART and the animation workshop was a great opportunity to try new ways of looking at ART and to develop my already existing skills within the animation section.
AT: That's brilliant, can you tell me a bit more about what you've done previously please?
CW: Yes sure. I have worked with a family friend on tattoo designs as the life-long dream is to get into that business. I also took ART at school as my tutor was the ART teacher. I have had a couple of sessions on drawing different things and I have also worked with an unknown artist from a young age.
AT: So from doing the workshops, what new things did you learn? or what skills did you improve?
CW: Well I learned there is always a different way of looking at a certain object you are drawing for example a flower, a bee etc... I would say I improved my over all drawing ability. But, it also widened my understanding and opened my mind to new ways of creating things.
AT: That sounds really creative! Do you think you'll be coming back again to Nottingham Contemporary?
CW: Definitely and if I knew about it before I would have been coming a long time ago.
AT: Fantastic, we'll look forward to your future visits!
The workshops were led by Associate Artist Jo Dacombe for young people in the Broxtowe area and were held over a period of three days in the studio’s at Nottingham Contemporary. The final animation and can be seen below.

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