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The Bookmark Project

Poster designed by Stuart Hodges

Art - Exhibitions

The Bookmark Project

15 Apr 2011 - 26 Jun 2011

Bookmarks created by 11 Nottingham-based artists, inserted in The Study book collection

Curated by Yelena Popova

Wayne Burrows, Mik Godley, Candice Jacobs, Aaron Juneau, Geoff Litherland, Sam Mercer, Yelena Popova, Simon Raven, Niki Russell, Rob Van Beek and Thomas M Wright

The books and magazines collected in the Study form a loose portrait of our organisation. They represent an accumulation of interests and ideas, and chart the development of our exhibitions and events; these are the books that ignite and inform our thinking. This continually growing and evolving resource is always available for our visitors to discover, research, get inspired - or simply have space to think.

The eleven Nottingham-based artists involved in this project were each asked to make a bookmark and choose a book to insert it into. This simple format allows for multiple reflections on the nature of creative practice. The artists select texts or images that influence or interest them and, in turn, their highlighting of this content affects our reading of it. The bookmarks represent individual threads that are spun out of the mass of ideas contained within these shelves, connecting the texts and images selected with the mind of the artist and the work they produce.

Popova’s selection of contributors to the project represents an unscientific cross-section of contemporary artists based in Nottingham today; amongst them are painters, sculptors, writers and those who work across disciplines, in the hybrid forms that characterise much contemporary art practice today. Their bookmarks act as navigational points, mapping Nottingham’s art community and pointing towards the various fields of thought their artwork opens out to.

The Bookmark Project zine, produced by Yelena Popova, is available in the Study and can also be purchased at Shop.Contemporary.


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